I love quotes.

Found some quotes of inspiration by Colin Powell. I need to print them out and put them in my room so I can read them everyday. They are amazing quotes. I highly suggest that you should use them as inspiration for your goals.

"A dream doesn't become a reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work."

"Success is a result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence."

"There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure."

So today in my theatre class we finished our tour of the theatre. We had to go about 80 to 100 feet high going up a ginourmas spiral staircase. I realized I was afraid of heights. My hands were so sweaty. I know that if I continue to face my fears, I will continue to grow comfortable in those situations.

Nothing is going to stop me.

I always say it will just be another brick in my palace. Haha.

Good Day.
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“We often see what we expect to see, not what is really there.”

When we expect for something to become true, and it does (because we are expecting it), it is called a “self-fulfilling prophecy.” And most of the time we do receive exactly what we are expecting to receive.

Here is an experiment showing proof of the evidence toward the “New Look Perspective.” It was done by Bruner & Postman.

At a teacher conference of around 350, they gave out essays to all the teachers to grade. One-third of the teachers were told the student who wrote the essay had an above average IQ. One-third were told the student had an average IQ. And one-third were told the student had a below average IQ.

The result was, the teachers told the student had an above average IQ, gave the essay a significantly higher grade. So, the higher the IQ the teacher THOUGHT the student had, the higher the grade they gave the student... even though they were the EXACT SAME essay. They believed the essay was going to be better (because the student was smarter), and they got what they expected.

So again, remember this, “We often see what we expect to see, not what is really there.”

One of the main reasons on my change. I am more up beat and understanding of things. I look at everything with the glass half full. If I see something that might a difficult task for me I will accept the challenge. I push my self to new limits each day. Plus, my humor has never failed me.

Before, I would always be negative towards a lot of things. Then when things were actually positive I would just let it pass me by. The whole time I would pick and choose to look at life negatively. That has now changed.

PS I can not believe how many gorgeous girls are in my fitness and nutrition class! There is easily 15 babes.
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I'm Baaaaaaaaaaack!

That's right! For good this time.
Yes, I mean it. Don't cry.

Okay. Wow, I feel great!

It's not that everything in life is going the right way, it's that I choose to see all things positively. I finally understand myself, and I am comfortable for who I am. I walk around blissfully. It's great! I hold my head up high and I walk to with confidence.

I have to go back to class, but I will begin to post a lot frequently. So if you have not deleted me yet, celebrate.
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Wow, what a fucking night. I am sooo tired, my cousin Jessica came over and brought her friend Koah who was super hyper. The night went by fast with tons of laughs.
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4th of July!

Yeah today is the fourth of july. Well I have to work from 11:30 to 5:30. Then I guess I will come back home and light some illegal fireworks. Last night I had a hard time sleeping because they were going off. Well I will update a cool story later on. And I will also post some pictures. :)

A weekend of fire.

Well yesterday went pretty fine, Jessica and Franky took me to the mall because they are nice. I brought no money, I just looked around, we tried to sneak into the movies to see spider man 2, but the manager was standing at the door and he made eye contact with us, so that blew our chances. We then walked to petco, and the reptile section must have been horny or something because we at least saw 3 or 4 tanks of reptiles all over eachother as if it was mating season. Woah. Well yeah, I actually went somewhere friday.

We came back and I believed we watched t.v. I went to the back yard to wieght lift and do some of my Physical Thereopy for my left shoulder. It still kind of hurts me, and I don't know if surgery is yet and option. After that My mom gave me the news that my aunt and uncle want to give away my dog to a better home. WTF? How rude! Damn who the hell would call their nephew and tell them they want to give away OUR dog. That pissed me off, oh wait until I see them it's on. Supposedly they don't like him staying in the garage parts of the day. Well living in my area if we were to have my dog in the backyard he would euither run away or get stolen because he is a Chihuaha. But he is only in the garage when we are out doing things, and for the remainder of the time he is in the house. Damn aunts and uncles.

Someone is trying to steal my shot put in the back yard. Oh yes, and Monday my gun should be here. I cannot wait, I could barely sleep last night.

So I went to Paintball practice at Matt's house in Corona. I just brought my mask and watched the team. I talked to coach about leaving the team to start my own team. He was a bit dissapointed, but he understood. I really don't want to but I kind of do in a way, I think it would be supurb making my own team! And plus it will be hard for me to do that because our team is in Second place.

I came back I don't know what time I did, but I just talked online and stuff. Yesterday I talked to alot of people with their problems and I really helped them out so I feel accomplished.

And today is a saturday, I will be going to a graduation//Going away party. And maybe go to the neighbors and buy some fireworks that rock.

Happy fourth of July everyone!!!
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Yeah so it's official.

I know most of you don't think of it to be much, but it is a huge accomplishment for me! I got my Alias Intimidator!!! Its a 1,300 dollar paintball gun, I know it is very pricy, but I worked so hard for it. WOW. Actually I orderd it, so it will be here on Monday, but I can't wait untill then! My team will be so damn happy that I got it, I havn't been to practice in like-- forver and a day! So for those of you who care, I got it. Now to move on to the next subject.

Work started off rusty when I first started, I hated it! I still work for the same place, but I am put in a new position this year-- Field Maintnence. Crap dude, that was hard for me. But now, I am getting the hang of it, and bringing in the money to support my friends when we hang out. :) So friends be patient! And yes, today is my first day off!!! I am going to go to Paintball practice at 6:00 and Matt's House, Well, I won't have a Marker (gun) to use, but I will just go over the plays and the signs. I havn't been there forever, I hope my coach and team is happy about the news!

Today though I am hoping to see Spider Man with My mommy. Booyah momma's boyz! Yes, I lover her, and Too bad I don't have the money to treat her, But my brother will come along too as well as my cousin.

I am all alone at the house right now with nothing to do except listen to GREATEST BAND EVER!!! The Doors, along with many other great bands of my liking.

Remember that 68 Mustang my dad promised me a while back? Well, turns out my dad is going to sell it. I can seriously hate him for that, but I won't. He is going to give me a damn 1998 F-150. What the hell? That's okay, it may not look like candy, but it gets me places and it has 6 passengers rather than 5. Yeah, it was hids old truck, I am a bit mad, but I will inherit the 1968 California Special Mustang as I get older. The truck is going to have Texas plates. Because my Dad likes in some Creek out in the middle of nowhere in Texas, it's kind of scary but awesome his yard is GINORMOUS. Well anyway, like any of you livejournal users care.

The accomplishments I did today have been none, except cut the fingers off my angel gloves. I havn't even ate breakfast. All we have is junkfood anyway, and I feel I am getting fat even though everyone swears to me I am not. I weigh 130 I think.

Nothing else is new, just call the cell or suprise me with a text message! 825-0729 If you want the area code just ask, a reminder is its almost 666, but it's not. HAHA. Okay, I am going to go now.
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